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  Dim Sum

Dim Sum is the traditional morning/midday meal eaten in the Guangdong province in the South of China, consisting of a large variety of various delicacies. Servings are small, usually with 3 to 4 pieces per dish that are sweet or savoury, steamed or fried. Dim Sum is best enjoyed with a pot of Chinese tea.

Here is a selection available for you to try:


- Har gau (prawn dumping)
- Sui mai (prawn and pork dumpling)
- Prawn and Chive dumpling
- Chicken dumplings
- Beef dumplings
- Shanghai dumpling
- Bean Curd roll with pork
- Roast Pork buns
- Chicken buns
- Vegetable buns
- Glutinous Rice with Meat filling wrapped in
  Lotus Leaf

Deep Fried

- Prawn dumpling
- Pork dumping
- Hong Kong fried dumpling
- Squid balls
- Mini spring rolls
- Beef Curry samosas
- Tofu balls in curry sauce
- Turnip cakes


- Custard bun
- Malay sponge cake

All Dim Sum is priced at 3.90

*** Lunch offer 3.50 ***

Dim Sum is available all day, just ask for our Dim Sum menu.


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